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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cheap Seekers

[BCBG Maxi Dress 29.99, Bakers Shoes 19.99]

Runway and Street had a child named Streetway. And it set its life goal to be our style. We combine the beautiful couture with the cheap thrift, and still look fabulous. Just the thought that your look doesnt have to be one designer , brand, or store. There are thrills that are seen everywhere around that inspire the blind.

You know that feeling when you have found that one item you have been looking for, it being a t-shirt, cami, jeans, dress, or even sock. Having that excitement as you gaze at this little hidden treasure, and while you have just experienced finding it, you slowly gaze at the price being so utterly 80% off that you thought you might scream right there and then in the store. There is your "Cheap Thrill" it comes from inside you like a little secret blurting itself out onto a price tag. Voila!

Hope you enjoy this adventure Anjelica and I are about to partake on. And always remember us when that feeling comes along. :)

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